Pimp my What ???

Pimp my Log is a web app written in PHP. It displays server logs friendly.

Formerly named PHP Apache Log Viewer, it has been renamed because any kind of logs can be displayed now.
Basically, you will surely display your Apache, NGINX, IIS or PHP logs, but Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, sshd, syslog, CakePHP, ... too !

By default, Pimp My Log supports :

  • Apache web server
  • NGINX web server
  • IIS web server
  • PHP log files

You can find other log formats on the support site.

Install with composer
composer require "potsky/pimp-my-log"
Install with git
git clone https://github.com/potsky/PimpMyLog.git

Key features

  • Display any text and multi-line logs in your web browser
  • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9+, Opera are supported
  • Be notified on your desktop as soon as a new log line is available
  • Be notified when log file is rotated
  • Apply a search filter (plain text or regular expression) on the log file
  • Refresh logs : Pull to refresh, push key stroke R, click on the refresh button or set an auto-refresh timer
  • Show/hide columns during runtime to improve readability
  • Mark lines during runtime to improve readability
  • Sort lines and view new logs lines directly in list
  • Export logs in various formats ( JSON, XML, CSV, RSS, ATOM, ...) and expose them as webservices


  • Strong authentication
  • Optional anonymous access
  • Auto-configuration on first launch for Apache, IIS, NGINX and PHP
  • Configure manually your Pimp my Log instance (deploy easily tons of instances)
  • Customize your logs and settings per log and software. Set notification, log fields to y, count of lines to display, globally exclude terms via regular expressions, ...
  • Customize wording and design to embed it in your own products
  • Easily expandable for any type of text log
  • Debugger tool included to build your configurations
  • Configuration and customization are kept while updates


  • Tag your log files
  • Use as a webservice to provide remote secure log access
  • Really optimized, you can browse huge GB log files
  • Translations ready (English, French and Portuges available now)
  • Runs on Linux, Mac OSX and Window servers with PHP 5.2+ (yes 5.2!)
  • Lightweight code (full webapp weight is 700kb)
  • Open-source


Having some issues? Something not quite working right?

Have a question on how something should work?

Do you have a suggestion? Need help to create your own log parser?

Let us know what you think, we're always glad to hear opinions and help people!

Please read our support page at support.pimpmylog.com provided gracefully by Tender!

You can send us an email to support@pimpmylog.com.


Pimp my Log is open sourced and ready to grow.

Do you want to contribute to add some amazing features and especially add new software logs (*nginx*, Ruby on Rails, tomcat, IIS, sshd, ...) ?

We need you !

Read how to contribute easily here.

If you want to contribute to translations, go here.

Licensing & Terms of use

Pimp my Log is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Special thanks

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