There is a modest tool:


This tool is deactivated by default and you need explicitly to activate it because it can contain some confidential informations about your configuration, about your PHP installation, ...

The tool is inc/test.php. Call http://.../PimpMyLog/inc/test.php in your browser and follow instructions.


When you have finished with this tool, remove the previous file created.

Regex tester

This is the most interesting part :-) It will help you to build RegExs to match your log files.

Usage is quite simple :

Click on the Test button and Pimp My Log will use the same parser as the main log viewer to decode. Once your configuration is correct, click on the Copy to clipboard and use it in your configuration file!

Regex samples

These samples are just for testing purpose...


If you experience some issues and can give us access to this page remotely, we will take a look on this panel to :

Password recovery

Use this tool to reset a user password and your password too.

An article has been published in the knowledge base.


Use this tool to activate or deactivate the authentication.

Here is the how to :