Version 1.7.14 released

27 April 2017

Hi folks!

A fix release...

Version 1.7.12 released

16 February 2017

Hi folks!

A new feature and a fix.

Version 1.7.11 released

14 December 2016

Hi folks!

after a long break, I resume Pimp My Log development.

Version 1.7 released

22 November 2014

Hi folks!

you can now install Pimp My Log with composer.

If you have installed a previous version with composer (>1.6.2), YOU NEED TO BACKUP YOUR CONFIGURATION FILES MANUALLY, they will be lost when you will launch a `composer update`.

Version 1.6 released

18 November 2014

Hi folks!

This new version fixes several bugs and let you tag your log files to display folders instead of a long list of logs.