Version 1.5.1 released

Hi folks!

This new version is a huge step with tons of new features!

New design

Previous users will see the difference ! New font, new colors, new action buttons !

You have an new global parameter SORT_LOG_FILES to sort your log files in the log selector on top left. Documentation is here.

I have added "copy to clipboard" buttons everywhere it was useful. User experience is globally better.

Given that we spend our full days with Pimp My Log opened on our desktop, it should be pretty, right?

You can still configure it exactly as you want by modifying the css/ file.

Authentication is now available with all features you need !

Administrators :

  • can create users and give them access to different log files
  • can create other administrators
  • can edit and delete users
  • can block users by removing all log accesses
  • track who sign in, sign out, create a user, delete a user, sign in as a user, change his password, ...
  • create anonymous logs : unauthenticated users can view these logs
  • reset a user password from the Debugger

Users :

  • can change their password
  • can change their profile : there are only the access token and salt hash for this version
  • can view the API access count and track from where is the last API access done

Security is handled in a homemade flat file at root named config.auth.user.php. All passwords are hashed with some salt specific for each instance and generated when enabling the authentication. It is impossible to guess a password.

So you cannot share a authentication file between several instances of Pimp My Log.

This flat file is homemade to avoid dependencies to a database and to keep Pimp My Log the simplest.

Load more

Go further in your log file! You have now a Load More button on bottom.

Clicking on this button will load older logs until you reach the top of the log file.


You can export your logs in several formats :

  • ATOM and RSS for your feed reader
  • CSV for your boss
  • XML
  • JSON
  • JSON Pretty Print for your human eyes
  • JSONP for jQuery for example

Exporting your logs in the CSV format for example will just launch the download on your computer. It is not really interesting.

Exporting your logs in ATOM and RSS is a little bit more interesting because you can put these both URLS in your RSS reader and then be alerted as soon as a certain type of log appears!

Exporting your logs in XML, JSON and JSONP is awesome because you can use your generated URLs in your own app to do exactly what you want ! Pimp My Log becomes a secure gateway between your protected log files and your external apps.

Just 3 more things !

1 : Security rules are applied in all feeds. So if a log file is only accessible by some users, these users will generate a feed URL with their Access Token and with a security hash embedded. As an admin, if you revoke a user for a log file, its feed will not work anymore for this user only.

2 : If an private URL (with access token) is now public, as a user you can reset your access token and your salt key and then regenerate all wanted feed URL. Previous URL will not work anymore.

3 : You can use some parameters in the URL. Try to export in JSON format for example, parameters are explained in the popup. The most important parameter is search : you can specify a search expression (text or regex) to retrieve only important logs in a feed.


I hope you will like this new version. If it is the case, please star the project and github and spread the word!

Published on 14 November 2014 in General
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